PE USA 2012 Examines Latest Developments

As Printed Electronics USA 2012 heads into its second day at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, attendees will have the opportunity to hear about opportunities in a number of different disciplines from leaders in the field of printed electronics (PE).

There are five concurrent tracks being offered today. Track 1 covers Sensor Technology, Barrier Film – New Progress and Logic and Memory. Track 2 focuses on Quantum Materials, Energy Storage – Gold Rush, Actuators/Sound, Paper Electronics, Flexible and Stretchable Electronics and Energy Harvesting. Track 3 looks at Displays, Future of Transparent Conductors, and Printed Conductors.

Track 4 is the Manufacturing Track, including topics such as 3D Printing and Printed Electronics Manufacturing. Track 5 returns to Graphene LIVE!, and also analyzes Carbon Nanotubes, Functional Inks and Manufacturing and Composites.

The conference then closes with a trio of keynote talks.

It is a strong group of presenters during Day 2. Among the innovative PE companies are Thin Film Electronics, E Ink, GSI Technologies, Si-Cal, Ynvisible, Peratech, QD Vision and PST Sensors.

Track 1 opens with a trio of talks on Sensor Technology. Shawn O'Rourke, vice president and CTO, CSD at dpiX, LLC, begins the session with "High Resolution a-Si Sensor Arrays." Mr. O’Rourke is followed by Dr. Joseph Stetter, president and CTO for KWJ Engineering, who will discuss "Integration of Gas Sensors and Printed Electronics for Next Generation Situational Awareness."

GSI Technologies, LLC is a leading printer of PE products, and Dr. Gordon Smith, GSI Technologies’ CTO, will offer his insights into "Manufacturing Printed Electronic Devices."

Dr. Stephanie P, Lacour, Foundation Bertarelli Chair in Neuroprosthetic Technology at EPFL, will follow Dr. Smith with er thoughts on "Thin-Film Sensors on Soft, Elastic Substrates."

Laurent Jamet, co-founder, director business development at ISORG, covers "Organic Photo-Detectors, a Ready-to-Fly Technology for Advertising, Merchandising and Consumer Industries."

Prof. David Britton of PST Sensors will close the Sensor Technology portion of Track 1 with his talk on "Printed Silicon for Sensors and Much More."

Track 1 then discusses Barrier Films - New Progress, with talks by Dr. Waguih S Ishak, division vice president and director, Corning West Technology Center, on "Ultra-slim, Flexible Glass: Enabling Device & Design Evolution," and Prof. Reinhold H. Dauskardt, professor and associate chair at Stanford University, who will analyze "Thermomechanical Reliability and Integration Challenges for New Hybrid and Organic Materials with Multi-Functional Property Sets."

After lunch, Track 1 turns its attention to Logic and Memory , beginning with Dr. Janos Veres, area manager for PARC, a Xerox company, who will discuss "Printed Logic Circuits."

Yonsei University professor Seongil Im will then discuss "Photo-Excited Charge Collection Spectroscopy (PECCS) as a Measurement Probe for the Electrical Stability of Solution Organic/Oxide TFTs." Prof. Ortwin Hess, co-director, Centre for Plasmonics & Metamaterials at Imperial College London, will analyze "Active Nanoplasmonic Metamaterials: From Light Harvesting to Meta-Lasing."

Thin Film Electronics ASA is a success story in the PE field, and Jennifer Ernst, Thin Film’s business development, North America, will offer her insights on "Commercial Devices: from Printed Memory to Integrated Sensor Systems," a look at the company's commercial partnership with Bemis, one of the world's largest manufacturers of flexible packaging,.

Robert Reed, FE Technologies’ CEO, will close the Logic and Memory session with "Printable Chipless RFID Tags - Progress."

Track 2 opens with a trio of talks on Quantum Materials. Peratech Ltd. CTO David Lussey offers his insights into "Quantum Tunnelling Composite (QTC) Materials in Printable Electronics." Dr. Seth Coe-Sullivan, co-founder and CTO of QD Vision, will discuss "High Efficiency, High Temperature Quantum Dot Materials.” Steve Reinhard, vice president - business development at Nanoco Technologies, will analyze "Heavy Metal Free Quantum Dots for Displays, Lighting and Solar Applications."

Energy Storage Gold Rush is the focus of Track 2’s next pair of talks. Imprint Energy CEO Dr. Devin MacKenzie will cover "Zinc-based Rechargeable Battery Technology," while Stanford University assistant professor Yi Cuiwill focus on "Transparent Flexible Battery."

Track 2 then offers a talk on Actuators/Sound, "Printed Loudspeakers on Paper Substrate,” given by Prof. Arved C Hubler of the Institute for Print & Media Technology.

Track 2 switches to Paper Electronics, starting with a talk by Dr. Gael Depres, exploratory and partnership manager, Arjowiggins Creative Papers, on "What Can We Print On A Paper Designed For Printing Electronics?" Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, chief business development officer for Ynvisible, follows with "Printed Electronics and Consumer Packaged Goods: Adding Value to the "Moments of Truth""

Track 2 then turns to Flexible and Stretchable Electronics, starting with Prof. Yongtaek Hong, assistant professor at Seoul National University, who will discuss "Stretchable Electrodes for TFT and Sensor Arrays for Display, Electronic Skin."

Dr Jamshid Avloni, president and CEO for Eeonyx Corp, follows with "A New World of Smart-Fabrics and Their Applications," and Prof. Zhenan Bao, Department of Chemical Engineering at Stanford University, will discuss "Skin-Inspired Electronic Sensor Sheets."

Dr. Tomasz Zawada, engineering and research manager at Meggitt Sensing Systems, covers Energy Harvesting with "Printable Piezoelectric Films for Integrated Sensors and Transducers." Track 2 closes with the topic of Patents and Printed Electronics, with Dr. Alex Turnbull, director and senior patent attorney, Avidity IP, discussing "The Best (and Worst) Approaches to Building a Patent Portfolio."

Track 3 opens with Flexible/Bistable Displays, with a talk by Jennifer Vail, marketing communications manager at E Ink, who will discuss "Where No Display Has Gone Before." Dr. Aki Tomita, vice president CTO, Citala, will examine "Recent Advances in PDLC Technology," and Dr. Andre Arsenault, CTO of Opalux, then covers "Photonic Color: Dynamic, Flexible Color for Unique Product Differentiation."

The topic of Future of Transparent Conductors is next for Track 3, beginning with Dr. Rahul Gupta, senior director business development for Cambrios Technologies, whose topic is "Cambrios ClearOhm: Solution Coated and Printed Transparent Conductor for Printed Electronics."

Dr. Ron Lubianez, global sales manager of the Functional Coatings BU, Heraeus PM Conductive Polymers Division, follows with "Conductive Polymer Films and Invisible Patterning Techniques for Transparent Electrode Applications." Peter Willaert, product manager PE at Agfa-Gevaert, will cover "OrgaconGrid - Strategies Towards More Transparent And Higher Conductivity Flexible Electrodes,” and Blue Nano Inc. market specialist David Schroder will discuss "Silver Nanowires for Transparent Conductive Applications."

Printed Conductors is the next focus of Track 3, with Scott Gordon, business development manager, DuPont Microcircuit Materials, discussing "Recent Advances in Printed Conductors to meet the Cost and Performance Needs of Emerging Printed Electronic Applications."

After lunch, Track 3 begins with Dr. John Belot, chief scientist at Liquid X Printed Metals Inc., who will discuss "Breakthrough In Particle-Free Conductive Ink," a look at Liquid X Printed Metals’ metal-containing inks for PE applications.

Prof. Jennifer Lewis, University of Illinois’ professor of materials science and engineering, will analyze "Planar and 3D Printed Electrodes/Interconnects for Flexible Electronics."

Dr. Rick Fabretto, research fellow at University of South Australia, will cover "Flexible Polymeric Material with Metal-Like Conductivity for Next Generation Organic Electronic Devices." Wataru Kawashima, researcher at Toyobo Co., Ltd., will offer his insights into "High Definition Conductive Patterns Fabricated by Flexo Printing." CondAlign CEO Dr. Mark Buchanan closes Track 3 with "Enhanced Materials from Conductive Alignment Technology."

The Manufacturing Track begins with a look at 3D Printing, "Scaling 3D Printed Electronics for Manufacturing,” presented by Mike O'Reilly, product manager - Aerosol Jet Systems at Optomec.

Printed Electronics Manufacturing is the focus of the rest of the Manufacturing Track, beginning with Dr. Katherine Duncan, Antenna Technology & Analysis Branch at CERDEC, who will offer her insights into "Direct Write Approaches to Nanoscale Electronics." Hanbat National University Prof. Dong Soo Kim will discuss "Ultra Precision Coating & Printing Continuous Manufacturing System."

Stan Farnsworth, vice president - marketing at NovaCentrix, will follow with "Applications of Photonic Curing, and Enabled Materials."

After lunch, Klaus Schiffer, director business development printing/Pixdro at Roth & Rau, will offer his thoughts on "Inkjet Printing Technology; from Research to Mass Production. Tool & Process." Bipin Sen, senior applications engineer at Bosch Rexroth, will discuss "Importance of Web Tension When Handling PE Substrates."

Si-Cal Inc. is a leading printer, of electrical components and Richard Morris, business development at Si-Cal, will offer his insights in "Roll to Roll Printed Electronics Manufacturing Gathers Steam."

Prof. Bernard Kippelen, director, Center for Organic Photonics & Electronics (COPE) at Georgia Institute of Technology, will analyze "Universal Method to Produce Low-Work Function Electrodes for Organic Electronics.” Dr. Kai Baer, managing director, adphos Digital Printing GmbH, will discuss "AdphosNIR Photonic High Performance Drying and Sintering - at an Affordable Cost."

Graphene LIVE! begins with the topic of Energy Storage. Prof Woo Young Lee, George Meade Bond Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology, starts the segment with "Inkjet-Printed Graphene for Energy Storage and Sensing." Graphene Devices CEO Robert Anstey follows with "Energy Storage Graphene Based Devices," and Prof. Karl Coleman, chief technical director, Durham Graphene Science, closes the segment with "Graphene in Storage Applications."

Carbon Nanotubes is the next focus for Graphene LIVE!, beginning with Canatu Oy CTO Dr. David P Brown, who will discuss "Carbon Nanomaterial Films for Thermoformable Electronics," and overview of Canatu's recent developments in printed organic circuits, thermoformed electronic components and haptics and touch sensing for displays and on complex surfaces.

Dr. Nathan Yoder, CTO for NanoIntegris, analyzes "High Mobility Semiconducting Inks for Electronic Applications." James Lamb, Printed Electronics Center at Brewer Science, Inc., closes the Carbon Nanotube segment with "Printable CNT Conductors in Flexible Packaging and Wireless Sensors."

Next up for Graphene LIVE! is Functional Inks and Manufacturing, which begins with a talk by University of Cambridge Prof. Francesco Bonaccorso on "Inkjet Printed Graphene Electronics."

Dr. Elena Polyakova, CEO at Graphene Laboratories, Inc., then covers "Graphene and Beyond: Recent Progress in the Production of 2D Materials."

Graphene LIVE! closes on the topic of Composites. Dr. Bor Jang, CEO of Angstron Materials, opens this portion of the session with "Industrial-Scale Production of Graphene: Challenges and Opportunities," followed by Rohit Bhosale, new business development at Momentive, who will give a talk on "High Aspect Ratio Nano Materials."

Dr. Hiroyuki Fukushima, executive product development manager, XG Sciences, Inc., will focus on "Applications of xGnPR Graphene Nano-platelets in Inks, Papers and Composites." Jon Myers, CEO and founder of Graphene Technologies, will discuss "Large Scale, Natural Resource Independent Synthesis of Bulk Graphene and Preparation of Graphene for Market Applications."

Incubation Alliance CEO Kazuo Muramatsu closes Graphene LIVE! with his talk on "Introduction of Graphene Flower, Self-Standing and 3D Structure."

PE USA 2012 then brings the attendees back into one group for three closing keynote talks, beginning with Prof. Toshihide Kamata, leader, Organic Semiconductor Devices Research Group at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), who will discuss "Organic Semiconductor Device Developments of AIST."

Prof. Margit Harting, Dept. of Physics at University of Cape Town, will discuss “Printed Silicon in Electronics,” and Dr. Peter Harrop, IDTechEx’s chairman, closes PE USA 2012 with his presentation on "Beyond the Conventional: Printed Electronics Case Studies in Vehicles, Energy Storage and Energy Harvesting."