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Visualplanet Unveils Multi-user touchfoil with Ground-breaking Capabilities

November 23, 2016

Pioneering innovations lead to class-leading resolution, greater touch control and screen manipulation.

Visualplanet has unveiled its latest invention – the multi-user touchfoil, with class-leading screen resolution and a state-of-the-art controller. Combined, the two features offer pinpoint touch accuracy and versatility in fulfilling the bespoke needs of OEM integrators worldwide. Visualplanet’s multi-user touchfoil is available to order now.
The multi-user touchfoil delivers lightning-fast 6ms touch performance through glass of up to 10mm, with the precision to drive mouse-designed operating systems with a finger. It offers real-time movement and programmable palm rejection through up to 40 independent touch points, across a range of sizes from 15-55 inches. Its versatility renders it suitable for an extensive range of public-facing terminals, including self-service ticketing, vending, gaming, wayfinding, multi-user tables and kiosks.
Visualplanet – founders of the market for large format flexible film Pro-Cap touch sensors – believes the product to be an industry game-changer.
“We are a customer-focused business that builds and ships large orders of tailor-made touchfoils. We held back on launching the multi-user touchfoil until we could create one flexible enough to satisfy OEM integrators’ vast scope of needs,” said Dan Spencer, visualplanet’s product manager.
“The key is in the marriage of our technology and the controller choice. We carried out extensive testing to ensure compatibility and have selected a circuit board that, in effect, turbo-boosts our technology,” Spencer added. “This approach has enabled us to leapfrog the capabilities of existing products on the market, by launching with a controller that is easily updated, allowing us, and our customers, to stay ahead of the game. The reality is that, with this launch, large format touchscreens can now be as responsive as using a smart phone or tablet device.”

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