GSI Develops Numeric Displays for Smart Card Applications

Posted on November 24, 2009 @ 09:12 am

GSI Technologies, a printing technology company specializing in printed electronics, sensors, electrodes, lamps and displays, announces the development of a fully printed numeric display based on NTERA’s NanoChromics technology that is fully compatible with industry standard hot lamination plastic card manufacturing.

Segmented, numeric displays that are hot lamination compatible are an ideal solution for the emerging powered smart card market, where they are being adopted for two factor authentication solutions such as one-time passcodes, financial credit/debit cards, transportation cards and other stored value cards.

GSI Technologies printed the NanoChromics displays and validated them through a leading card manufacturer’s hot lamination manufacturing process. “An overwhelming majority of all plastic cards worldwide are produced utilizing hot lamination production processes,” said Jack Kraemer, president and COO. “The ability to accommodate this industry standard production process is essential to ensuring the manufacturing capacity, volume and price points that will support mass market adoption of powered smart cards.”

“Our printing systems have proven to be ideally suited to produce the NanoChromics display technology in sheet fed or roll to roll formats,” adds Gordon Smith, chief technology officer. “The resulting displays, with their distinctive white background and high readability, are a perfect product solution for a wide range of powered smart card applications. Having now demonstrated the production printing processes and resulting compatibility with the severe conditions of hot lamination, we believe that this display will provide the high volume, cost effective solution the market requires.”

GSI Technologies, Burr Ridge, IL, USA, is an ISO 9001:2000-certified manufacturer of functional printed electronics and industrial graphic products.The company’s functional printing market focus includes medical, display and circuit segments.


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