Identive Announces EMV Payment Certification for Popular Mobile Smart Card Reader

Posted on November 15, 2012 @ 09:46 am

Identive Group, Inc. announced that its SCR3500 SmartFold smart card reader has received EMVCo Level 1 Type Approval, enabling its use for secure payment transactions in compliance with the global standards known as Europay, Mastercard and Visa, or EMV, which have been adopted by financial organizations across much of the world.

“At just 48x20X12 millimeters – smaller than a memory stick – the SmartFold reader is already popular with business travelers and other mobile laptop users for secure authentication or network logon. The reader’s compliance to international payment industry standards means that it now can be used with consumers’ bank and credit cards to create a secure connection for online payments and banking. The SmartFold’s compact size, light weight and high-speed performance make it easy to add the layer of security we all know we need for our online financial transactions, particularly when using mobile computers,” said Dr. Manfred Mueller, executive vice president and COO Identification Products for Identive.

EMVCo, LLC was formed in 1999 by Europay, MasterCard and Visa to manage, maintain and enhance a set of global standards related to the interoperability and acceptance of chip-based (“smart”) cards used for payment. American Express, Discover and JCB also adhere to EMV payment card standards. According to EMVCo, more than 1.5 billion EMV credit and debit cards have been issued globally as of the end of 2011, with EMV payment cards increasingly being adopted in the U.S.

EMVCo’s Level 1 Type Approval process tests reader/terminal compliance with the electromechanical characteristics, logical interface, and transmission protocol requirements defined in the EMV specifications. Identive’s SCR3500 SmartFold contact smart card reader also complies with USB CCID and ISO7816 industry standards.

The EMV-compliant SmartFold reader tucks easily into a pocket or attaches to a keyring so mobile security is always conveniently within reach. The reader is available now.


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