Savi Dramatically Improves Insight into Cargo Shipments, Logistics

Posted on December 13, 2012 @ 03:05 pm

Shippers, logisticians, customs agents and supply chain professionals can now dedicate more time to action and less time gathering data with the introduction of Savi Mobile Tracking System 2.2. The latest release from Savi Technology gives professionals greater detail on real-time field conditions and events to quickly identify conditions that require an immediate response to a potential cargo theft, lost shipment or supply chain delay.

SMTS 2.2 introduces new journey management features including several web services that automate the capture of vital information such as assets, tags and journeys in the system. Additionally users can more accurately define approved cargo corridors with the ability to resize a corridor fence using handles, create a corridor fence around a line or point on the map, and enter a specific street address.

“Savi Mobile Tracking System highlights Savi’s deep understanding of tracking, logistics and supply chain, and the technologies that are best suited to specific challenges,” said Ann Grackin, CEO, ChainLink Research. “With increasing risks in global logistics, companies can use SMTS to gain real-time knowledge and conditioning monitoring to identify risks of assets in motion.”

With this introduction, SMTS customers can also monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. Change in environmental condition is very critical when transporting perishable goods or products that have a defined range for safe transport.

SMTS 2.2 increases the richness of information available through several new alerts and advanced search capabilities and criteria that allow users to quickly identify potential risks or issues that require a response. SMTS 2.2 automatically updates open screens with updates made in a different screen, reducing re-keying errors and administrative tasks.

In addition, information collected through SMTS’s extensive data collection system permits the business owner to make critical, cost-based decisions regarding route optimizations, driver habits, and several other areas to combine transportation logistic functions in order to address the rising cost of moving goods in today’s and tomorrow’s economy.

“Savi Mobile Tracking System provides the benefit of securing and monitoring your valuable assets to reduce theft, loss and delay while also allowing your business to optimize the way it moves these assets,” said Judeth Tarter, product manager, Savi Technology. “SMTS allows organizations to recognize areas for improved efficiency and cost savings, which is simply not possible with generic location-mapping products. Ultimately, SMTS customers spend less time collecting data and more time acting on real-time information.”


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