Porsche Design Group Creates Extraordinary Coupon Using Touchcode Awarded Technology

Posted on January 25, 2013 @ 01:19 pm

Forty years old, but still innovative – Porsche Design Group celebrates its birthday with an innovative and amazing marketing campaign. Appreciated for its clear and functional design, the subsidiary of the world-famous automobile manufacturer combines timeless and puristic style with the cutting-edge Touchcode developed by Chemnitz-based technology developer Printechnologics.

In time for its 40th anniversary, the design house created a coupon integrating the invisible data code Touchcode. The highlight: the exclusive coupon grants users immediate access to a discount for Porsche Design products as well as to a high-quality image trailer that has been produced exclusively for the anniversary. Started in late 2012, the coupons are available in several Porsche Design stores worldwide. The campaign has been developed with Premier Marketing Group, a German marketing agency.

Thanks to its high and intuitive usability, customers simply need the coupon as well as an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy SII or SIII in order to access the image video and discount. Using Touchcode is really simple: Once the website www.porsche-design40y.com has been opened, customers just need to place their coupon on the device’s display.

The web page recognizes Touchcode automatically and instantly opens the corresponding content offered by Porsche Design Group. The award-winning Touchcode technology allows clients to enjoy the specially produced image trailer and gives them the opportunity to sign up for their discount.

The core element of this campaign is Touchcode – an invisible data code, which can be printed on almost any printable material such as paper, plastic or foil. To read Touchcode a common multi-touch screen device such as a smartphone, tablet or information display is sufficient. Therefore, Touchcode eliminates the need for special peripherals like cameras or hardware modifications, ensuring an intuitive operation and seamless delivery of unique interactive experiences.

Comparable to a key, the code unlocks the correlating content in the referring website directly after placing Touchcode on the display. The innovative technology is especially suited for companies setting great store by the look and feel of their marketing materials: once applied on the chosen substrate, the data tag can be easily overprinted and is thereby completely invisible.

“Once more an international and prestigious company, which is well-known for its exquisite style and high quality, has selected our forward-looking Touchcode,” explained Sascha Voigt, CEO and co-founder of Printechnologics. “After signing licensing agreements with well-known consumer goods companies and the leading gaming brands we are looking forward to entering additional markets which will follow very soon.”


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