OE-A Announces Winners of LOPE-C Investor Forum Awards, Demonstrator Competition

Posted on July 2, 2013 @ 10:44 am

This year’s winners of the OE-A awards were honored during the LOPE-C Dinner in Munich. American Semiconductor, USA and LunaLEC, Sweden were recognized for the best business and technology concept. Four additional awards were presented as part of the OE-A Demonstrator Competition.

The OE-A announced the winners of its annual awards during LOPE-C 2013 (5th Large-Area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention) in Munich last month.

The OE-A supports young companies and start-ups in finding investors by organizing an Investor Forum as part of the LOPE-C Business Conference.

“Progress in printed electronics was demonstrated by the large number of product companies presenting at this year’s LOPE-C Investor Forum. While there continue to be exciting improvements in materials, the real focus is on those making devices and the steps to commercialization, including metrology and manufacturing at scale,” said Dr. Davor Sutija, CEO Thin Film Electronics ASA and LOPE-C Business Conference chair.

This year’s winners of the LOPE-C Investor Forum Awards are:
• LOPE-C Investor Forum Award 2013 “Most Impactful Technology/Product” – LunaLEC AB, Sweden, Patric Stafshede.
• LOPE-C Investor Forum Award 2013: “Best Business Case” –
American Semiconductor Inc., USA, Douglas Hackler.

Innovative concepts illustrating the capabilities of organic and printed electronics are recognized with the demonstrator awards. This year’s awards were presented in four categories:
• OE-A-Demonstrator Award 2013: Best University Demonstrator – “Flexible Interactive Cover Page,” University of Applied Sciences Munich, Munich, Germany.
• OE-A-Demonstrator Award 2013: Best Freestyle Demonstrator – “Smart Textile Puzzle,” Cetemmsa, Mataró – Barcelona, Spain.
• OE-A-Demonstrator Award 2013: Best Publicly Funded Project Demonstrator - “Printed Biosensor for Quantitative Diagnostics,” SIMS, EU-Project.
• OE-A-Demonstrator Award 2013: Best Design – “Electroluminescent Packaging,” Karl Knauer KG, Biberach/Baden, Germany.

“The OE-A demonstrator competition is an important communications tool to show new perspectives to end-user companies. This year, we received remarkably interesting demonstrators in packaging, consumer electronics, and games as well as products for the automotive and pharmaceutical industries. The tremendously positive response we received from numerous representatives of end-user companies at LOPE-C strengthened our resolve to continue this competition,” said Dr. Stephan Kirchmeyer, chairman of the OE-A and head of the Business Unit Functional Coatings at Heraeus Precious Metals GmbH & Co. KG.

The OE-A will start a new Demonstrator competition in October 2013, and the best demonstrators will be awarded during LOPE-C 2014, May 26-28, Messe Munich, Germany.


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