Free Whitepaper: The Growing Market for Printed Electronics

There is tremendous interest in the field of printed electronics (PE). The idea is simply that if one can print electronic circuits and devices, it would be much less costly and far more efficient in terms of production. Industry analysts claim that PE could become a $300 billion business within the next 20 years. We are starting to see printed electronics blossom in areas as diverse as photovoltaics, RFID, printed batteries and sensors, displays and lighting, and novelty items.

"The Growing Market for Printed Electronics" is a landmark report by David Savastano, editor of Printed Electronics Now, an online publication devoted to the fast growing field of electronic products created through the printing process. "The Growing Market for Printed Electronics" provides a 53-page analysis of the emerging PE market, with comprehensive reviews of the major PE markets as well as information on more than 140 major companies in the PE field.

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