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First Solar, Inc.

Company Headquarters

350 West Washington St., Suite 600
Tempe, AZ 85281
United States

Suppliers Guide

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      NXP Secures Electronic ID Cards and Passports in Ecuador

      NXP Secures Electronic ID Cards and Passports in Ecuador

      Deal includes next-generation ePassports and new advanced multi-purpose eID cards.

    • Breaking News | Research Institutions | Sensors and Wearables

      Brewer Science Showcases Enabling Sensor Technology for Smart Cities at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2017

      In partnership with ITRI, Brewer Science is exploring new realms of printed sensor performance.

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      Gemalto Wins ICMA Élan Award in Card Manufacturing Excellence

      Gemalto Wins ICMA Élan Award in Card Manufacturing Excellence

      Honored for Maryland’s secure polycarbonate driver’s license.

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      Imec, Cascade Microtech Develop First Automatic Probe System for Advanced 3D Chips

      Test system enables pre-bond probing of 3D chips with large-array fine-pitch micro-bumps.

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      Optomec CEO Presents at LiveWorx Technology Conference

      Presentation establishes convergence of additive manufacturing and industrial IoT applications.

    • First Solar Announces Acceleration of Series 6 Production into 2018

      Approximately 3 gigawatts of Series 6 production expected in 2019.

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      ORNL Optimizes Formula for Cadmium-Tellurium Solar Cells

      Adding optimum amount of selenium could help increase efficiency to levels approaching the theoretical limit of 30% to 33%.

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      First Solar Shifts Malaysian Production Capacity to Series 5 Assembly

      TetraSun product line discontinued to accommodate reallocation.

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      NREL Collaboration Boosts Potential for CdTe Solar Cells

      Working with WSU, UT to improve maximum voltage available from a CdTe solar cell.

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      First Solar Achieves Cell Conversion Efficiency World Record

      Thin film CdTe record 22.1% research cell continues performance advancement trend.