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1251 McKay Drive
San Jose, CA 95131
United States

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      Synaptics Reports 1Q Fiscal 2021 Results

      Synaptics Reports 1Q Fiscal 2021 Results

      Net revenue for 1Q fiscal 2021 was $328.4 million, with a GAAP net loss of $2.8 million.
      Printed Electronics Now Staff 11.16.20

    • Breaking News | Touch Screens

      Synaptics, OXi Technology Collaborate on Optical Solutions for Mobile Market

      Partnership expands China presence, enables new fingerprint solutions.

    • Breaking News | Touch Screens

      Synaptics Announces Optical-based Fingerprint Sensors for Smartphones

      Enables high-performance secure authentication through 1mm cover glass.

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      Synaptics Sampling Third Generation Natural ID Under-Glass Fingerprint Sensors

      Durable glass buttons are increasingly being adopted on smartphones.

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      Synaptics Innovation in Automotive

      Synaptics Innovation in Automotive

      Automotive is a key market for Synaptics, which offers display, touch, and biometrics solutions.

    • Breaking News | Displays and Lighting | Touch Screens

      Synaptics Shipping Automotive EVKs with Fingerprint Sensors to Tier 1’s, OEMs

      Enables designers, engineers to rapidly integrate fingerprint sensors into prototypes and demo systems.