Emerson: Supporting Employees, Customers, Partners Through COVID-19


Bob Sharp, Emerson's executive president, Commercial & Residential Solutions released a statement.

Bob Sharp, Emerson's executive president, Commercial & Residential Solutions released the following statement:

"To our Customers and Partners worldwide,

"Every day within Emerson, our teams and locations are united around a common purpose of improving the quality of lives around the world.

"As COVID-19 evolves and the threat of Coronavirus becomes a daily concern, our commitment to advancing human health, comfort and safety, and helping to keep food and medicines fresh and safe takes on new, more critical meaning. I want to assure you we are dedicating the fullest extent of our resources across our Commercial & Residential Solutions business to these two priorities: First and foremost, to the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities; and second, to maintaining business continuity so we can support you as comprehensively and seamlessly as possible during this time.

"With respect to protecting employee health and safety, we are working with public health officials in cities and countries where we operate to carefully monitor COVID-19. We are evaluating and implementing alternative and remote work arrangements, as appropriate and in accordance with local policies.

"We have also curtailed all but the most essential travel and are limiting larger, in-person meetings or visitors at our locations in favor of virtual meetings and collaboration.

"These important shifts will not only help us reduce the risk of this virus spreading, but enable our teams to carry on their best work and to provide the vital technologies, expertise and support that our customers and channel partners need.

"Over the past 15 years, Emerson has developed and deployed a global sourcing and manufacturing strategy that ensures operational contingencies are in place to minimize disruptions in our ability to deliver the products and solutions you need. We are currently working to maintain sufficient production and delivery levels in all global regions.

"We will continue to track any impact, adjust accordingly, and communicate with you to minimize any potential disruption to your business. If you have questions or concerns about product orders, deliveries or other critical support, your local Emerson sales or customer service contact is your best resource for information specific to your respective business.

"This is clearly a highly dynamic time, and we know the impact of Coronavirus is extending into our personal lives as well as our work. We will get past this as we all work through COVID-19 together. I wish the best to each of you, your families and businesses, and thank you for your continued trust in Emerson."