intelliFLEX: Adapting to New Normal

By intelliFLEX | 05.01.20

CPES2020 is postponed until this fall or early 2021.

Company update:

In response to COVID-19 and government guidelines, intelliFLEX is adjusting to our new reality. 


Our premier event, CPES2020 is postponed until this fall or early 2021. 


With that, Mark Majewski transitions from the CEO role to a special advisor position. 


This allows him time to assist where he is most needed - re-engineering manufacturing to help the front lines of this COVID-19 fight.


Michelle Chretien is taking on the role of acting CEO. Her wealth of knowledge and connections in the industry will greatly benefit intelliFLEX in these challenging times. Naudia Banton will continue to lead operations. 


Given restrictions on in-person meetings, intelliFLEX will focus on being a center of knowledge, offering industry-related news updates, training and virtual meetings to connect members and our ecosystem.


As we all adjust to our new circumstances intelliFLEX continues to search for new ways to create value for members and our ecosystem. 


We welcome your involvement, suggestions, and help as we change. 


Please respond to respond to our short questionnaire on what is of greatest importance to you. 


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