SEMI Virtual Summit Focuses on Microtechnology-Enabled Solutions to Healthcare Challenges

By Printed Electronics Now staff | 06.23.20

Will showcase microtechnology-enabled devices aimed at overcoming COVID-19.

The latest health tech innovations driven by microelectronics will be presented at the SEMI Virtual Healthtech Summit, Europe's first online event to explore the critical role of semiconductors in solving the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges including COVID-19.


Registration is open for the July 16, 2020, summit. 


The unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the healthcare and medical technology communities to new operational levels. 


From industry leaders to agile start-ups, the global technology community has answered the call by accelerating the time-to-market of innovative solutions for faster point-of-care testing. Designed to stem the spread of COVID-19, the solutions are reshaping the healthcare industry.


Global Healthtech Challenges and Solutions

The SEMI Virtual Healthtech Summit will showcase microtechnology-enabled devices aimed at overcoming COVID-19 and highlight the critical importance of collaboration between the global health tech and microtechnology communities for greater pandemic preparedness. 


Experts from the following industry leaders will present.

  • MedTech Europe will kick off the summit with a review of global healthcare challenges precipitated by the pandemic and the health tech community’s response;
  • Yole Développement will explore the pandemic’s impact on the diagnostics industry and the use of microfluidic technologies in battling COVID-19;
  • imec will present novel solutions for remote care vital sign monitoring and new automated data processing applications to streamline the response of the medical community;
  • OnSemiconductor will introduce technologies powered by innovative semiconductor solutions to improve lives and enable life-saving medical devices for COVID-19 patients.