G+D Mobile Security Supports Macau in Dealing with Coronavirus Crisis

By Printed Electronics Now staff | 06.24.20

Macao government issued contactless prepaid payment cards pre-loaded with credit. The cards were produced by G+D Mobile Security.

To mitigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and to provide financial support to its citizens, the Macao government has issued contactless prepaid payment cards pre-loaded with credit. 
The cards were produced by G+D Mobile Security.
In a first phase, all citizens of the Special Administrative Region of Macau received prepaid cards with a credit of 3,000 patacas (around €344), which can be redeemed from May to July. 
In the second phase, the cards will be topped up with another 5,000 Patacas (around €573), which citizens can then spend from August to December. 
Daily limits are set on the cards and purchases are only possible for a restricted range of items.
The cards were issued on behalf of the government by Macao Pass SA, which commissioned G+D Mobile Security to produce the cards. 
Due to the numerous restrictions imposed by COVID-19, production was a major challenge - from purchasing the necessary chips to allocating the required production capacity. However, thanks to the close cooperation and great commitment of the two partners, the cards were finally produced on time at G+D Nanchang site.
"G+D has succeeded in even exceeding our expectations in these uncertain times," said David Lao, GM of Macau Pass SA. "With their flexibility, effort and pragmatism, G+D employees managed to produce the Macau Pass prepaid cards. In doing so, they are helping to relieve the financial pain the residents are experiencing, at least to a certain degree."
"This project is a great example of how government and industry can master an extreme situation when they work hand in hand," says Xiao Wei, GM of G+D China. "We are proud that we were chosen to help at short notice. Now, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Macao Pass and the Macao government to support them in these uncertain and challenging times."