Identiv, CertiPath Partner


Providing FICAM-certified, pre-screening visitor management platform for high-assurance government credentials.

Identiv, Inc. announced a strategic partnership with CertiPath. 


The two companies are teaming up to launch TrustVisitor, a Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM), pre-screening enterprise visitor management platform integrated with Hirsch Velocity Software. 


TrustVisitor, the first of its kind to manage the complete life cycle of a visit, is designed for federal, energy, banking, healthcare and defense customers utilizing high-assurance credentials for physical access.


Visitor management is a key component of a complete FICAM-compliant platform. Hirsch Velocity Software-based TrustVisitor enables federal agencies to utilize PIV, PIV I, CAC, and high-assurance CIV and government ID credentials as sanctioned by Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12). 


The platform establishes pre-visit questions that reinforce the most up-to-date Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requirements for COVID-19, whereby agencies and clients determine whether visitors are permitted to enter their buildings.


“CertiPath and Idenitv have worked concurrently for many years in the physical security space through integration partners and customers, such as the United States Marshals Service,” said Daniel Myslewski, CertiPath VP – sales and marketing. “With this new partnership, both companies can now provide a complete Velocity-based FICAM solution to federal agencies that offer the ability to seamlessly accept other agencies’ and partners’ high-assurance credentials.”


TrustVisitor pre-vets and analyzes individuals in real-time for a wide range of visitor and visit types, including visitors attending meetings and conferences, mobile employees needing workspace, new and temporary contractors, as well as maintenance and facilities staff. 


Agencies can provision approved visitors into Velocity for the duration of the visit or provision temporary credentials to employees that have forgotten their badges. The platform also integrates with FedCheck, a federal government-centric background check service, and allows agencies to view the status of all visitors with a single glance.


“With TrustVisitor, agencies know about their visitors even before they walk into the lobby,” said Mark Allen, Identiv GM, Premises. “From FedCheck to pre-visit COVID-19 screenings, we’re able to offer a complete picture of who is going in and out of federal agencies. By partnering with CertiPath, we’re targeting high-assurance, identity management-focused clients more strategically. Beyond federal agencies, the platform supports other highly regulated verticals, like energy, banking, healthcare, and defense contractors."


Velocity provides the security and functionality expected from high-end systems with the ease-of-use found in entry-level packages. Velocity is an integrated platform that manages access control and security operations in thousands of different facilities, from single high secure rooms to multi-building, multi-location campuses with the most stringent security compliance. 


With Velocity, users can control doors, gates, turnstiles, elevators, and other equipment, monitor employees and visitor behavior, prevent unwanted access, maintain compliance, and provide a robust audit trail. The latest version of the software platform is designed to deliver the highest level of security, interoperability, and backward compatibility, and it accommodates the evolution of security technology.