Alien, SensThys Launch Highly Networked IoT Solution


RFID reader and antenna device simplifies installation, resulting in reduced costs.

Alien Technology and SensThys, an Internet of Things (IoT) and RF antenna specialist, announced a new highly networked RFID reader+antenna solution that provides industry-leading RFID tag visibility.
The co-developed Alien Hydra and SensThys SensArray solution enables companies to better track, manage and secure their tagged inventory while reducing their overall solution cost by as much as 50%.
“The problem today is that RFID reader antenna don’t ‘see’ all the tagged items in a store or facility. Adding an additional reader to solve this often breaks the ROI for companies, and adding RTLS technology to an existing reader is too expensive,” said Neil Mitchell, senior director of marketing at Alien. “Our new reader+antenna solution solves this problem by enabling large numbers of low-cost readers to be installed in an area to increase coverage – while minimizing cabling, installation time, programming and the overall staffing that’s needed.”
The new solution from Alien and SensThys combines a 30dBm UHF Passive RFID reader, an 8.5dBic 10” antenna and networking with both Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) inputs and outputs. The readers are the same footprint as most 10” RFID antenna and in a similar profile (250 x 250 x 21 mm).
“These proven technologies, combined in an innovative manner, provide a much more cost-effective way of seeing all the tags in a desired area versus conventional reader solutions,” said Jo Major, CEO of SensThys. “Adding an additional read point no longer breaks the ROI of a company’s overall RFID solution – an additional read point can be added to a problem area by simply connecting an Ethernet cable from a SensArray or Hydra located close to the new read point.”