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IDTechEx Announces Printed Electronics USA 2017 Award Winners


Voltera, Kodak, CLEARinkmn Seoul National University among the honorees.

At the 14th IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA conference and exhibition held in Santa Clara on Nov. 15-16, four organizations were honored for their achievements in developing and commercializing printed electronics technologies.
The judges of the awards were Dr Kenneth McGuire, principal scientist of Proctor and Gamble, and Dr Jeroen Van den Brand, program director, Holst Centre TNO. The awards were presented by Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx, and Heidi Dohse, senior program manager of Google.
The honorees are:
• Best Academic Development: AXEL/Seoul National University - AXEL/Seoul National University was honored for developing fundamental technologies to mass manufacture stretchable highly integrated circuits based on printing processes and hybridization of conventional electronics.
• Technical Development Materials Award: CLEARink - CLEARink’s Total Internal Reflection (TIR) technology, together with a single particle electrophoretic ink made by Merck, has been publicly demonstrated for the first time this year. The reflective color e-paper like displays were made with commercially available color filters, were running 33 frames/second video with 83% white state reflectance and 38% color reflectance and has gotten excellent reviews.
• Technical Development Manufacturing Award: Eastman Kodak - Eastman Kodak has developed an additive, roll-to-roll manufacturing process to produce transparent planar antennas on flexible substrates. The copper micro-wire technology delivers very high conductivity in combination with high transparency, neutral color, and low reflectance.
• Best Product Award: Voltera – Voltera’s V-Oneis a desktop PCB printer that additively prints conductive ink. Tthe V-One can go from a concept on a computer to a functional board in minutes.