Ynvisible Sells Contract Manufacturing Services to Epishine AB


Epishine is purchasing roll-to-roll manufacturing services from Ynvisible Production; companies combining solar cells with printed electronic displays.

Ynvisible Interactive Inc. announced a partnership with Epishine AB.

Epishine is purchasing roll to roll manufacturing services from Ynvisible Production (formerly Consensum Production AB) in Linköping Sweden.

The companies are also partnering to combine Epishine’s solar cells with Ynvisible’s printed electronic displays for use in high volume producible ecological and economically sustainable Internet of Things (IoT) devices and everyday smart objects.

Epishine’s energy harvesting modules use indoor lighting to power sensors and other low power electronics. Ynvisible’s designers and electronics engineers have successfully driven Epishine’s organic solar cells to power Ynvisible’s low power printed electronic displays.

Both companies’ technologies and components are based on non-toxic materials and are thin, flexible, and can be designed and cost-effectively integrated into a wide range of end applications. The companies will work together to present their joined capabilities to the IoT markets.

“We see strong synergies between Ynvisible's displays and Epishine's light energy harvesting modules," said Mattias Josephson, CEO of Epishine AB. "The hardest parts to make thin and flexible in electronics are displays and power sources. Our combined solution is also very environmentally friendly compared to other combinations of displays and power sources."

“We’ve proven the activation of our displays with RF energy harvesting – e.g. with RFID reading," said Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, CEO Ynvisible Interactive Inc. "Epishine’s solar cells now offer a further exciting means for batteryless and wireless powering of our low-power consuming displays.”

Ynvisible further announced that Invisense AB placed a new production order at Ynvisible Production AB (formerly Consensum Production AB).

On Oct. 10, 2019, Ynvisible announced the sale of contract manufacturing services to Invisense AB.

The new order concerns the production of Invisense’s new moisture sensor for concrete casting. The first delivery is expected in December 2019.

“Today everybody in the construction industry is asking for an easy way to measure moisture levels continuously during the dry out phase in concrete casting," Invisense CEO Björn Garplind said.

Ynvisible also announced that it is renaming its wholly-owned Swedish subsidiary, Consensum Production AB as Ynvisible Production AB.

All operations in Linköping are also now rebranded to Ynvisible Production.