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Most Intriguing Printed Electronics Products of 2016

By David Savastano, Editor | January 4, 2017

Here's a look at five interesting technologies that have either reached the market or are nearing commercialization.

Flexible and printed electronics manufacturers made further gains in commercialization during 2016. Here is Printed Electronics Now’s list of Most Intriguing Printed Electronics Products of 2016, a look at five technologies that have either reached the market or are nearing commercialization.
In alphabetical order:
• iOlive and Thin Film Electronics – NFC SpeedTap tags
Thin Film Electronics ASA (Thinfilm) recorded a number of commercial successes with its NFC SpeedTap tags during the past year, with one promising project being the use of these tags in the packaging of Italian olive oil brands. This provides product authentication and helps enhance consumer engagement on the iOlive app.
• Nanoco Group plc - Deep-Red CFQD Quantum Dot Film
Quantum dots are making significant headway in the area of televisions, but less known is its ability promote plant growth by fine-tuning lighting to the desired color for maximizing chlorophyll absorption. Nanoco earned a CES 2017 Innovation Award for this development.
• OSRAM – OLED Tail Lights
Last year, OSRAM reported that OLED lighting was on the verge of appearing on the road. This promise has been fulfilled, as the BMW M4 GTS and Audi TT RS feature OLED lighting, and OSRAM expects more to follow due to the design opportunities and flexibility that OLEDs offer.
• Samsung – Family Hub refrigerator
Appliances are quickly becoming smarter, as consumers are able to utilize touch screen technology on refrigerators, washers and dryers and more. Honored with a 2016 CES Innovation Award, Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator comes complete with a 21.5” HD Wifi-enabled touchscreen that can play your favorite songs, serve as a calendar, display photos and recipes, and do much more.
• SVK and Heliatek - HeliaFilm Active Building Facade
SVK and Heliatek were honored in the Best New Product category at the 2016 OE-A competition during LOPEC for its active building façade element using large area HeliaFilm in combination with fiber cement panels, generating electricity efficiently.