Secure RFID ID Cards from HID Global Meet U.S. Government Standards

Posted on April 19, 2012 @ 03:43 pm

HID Global has received a follow-on order for the manufacture and supply of U.S. government Permanent Resident Cards, also known as “green cards,” incorporating radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags for secure identification.

More than three million multi-technology HID Global eID cards have been issued as green cards, in addition to more than 30 million of the company’s first-generation green cards that have been issued since 1997. During its 15 years of use, the card’s digital security has never been compromised.

“The proven security of our multi-technology eID cards contributes directly to the overall security of US immigration and border control,” said Kevin McKenna, vice president of sales for government ID solutions, Americas, with HID Global. “We are proud of our contribution to homeland security through both generations of green cards, which are among the most physically secure and counterfeit-resistant, machine-readable IDs ever issued.”

Governments worldwide are rapidly moving from traditional national IDs to more secure eIDs. Launched in mid-2010, the redesigned, new-generation U.S. green card was the world’s first ID card to combine HID’s LaserCard optical security media (OSM) technology and an embedded RFID tag with other advanced security features. Customized specifically for USCIS, the optical security media provides extraordinary visual security in an era when 90 percent of eIDs are still authenticated by the human eye. The RFID tag was incorporated to accelerate legitimate passage at U.S. land borders.

With more than 100 million product shipments worldwide, HID Global offers the broadest portfolio of e-documents, e-passport and e-national ID solutions on the market. The company’s inlays, readers, printers, cards and optical security media technology are used by ministries of interior and foreign affairs in more than 27 e-passport programs and 49 ID/e-ID programs worldwide, making life easier for more than 120 million e-document holders.


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