Major Hospital Pilot Deployment of Toumaz Wireless Plaster to Monitor Vital Signs Underway

Posted on November 2, 2012 @ 10:13 am

Toumaz Limited has started to pilot its digital vital signs plaster, SensiumVitals, in a major U.S. hospital.

The SensiumVitals monitor is a disposable, ultra-thin plaster which continuously monitors the patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature whilst in hospital. This significantly increases patient surveillance compared to current practice, which involves manual measurement of vital signs every six to eight hours.

The device, which also has an alert capability, enables patients to be fully mobile whilst being monitored, so helping to promote patient morale and recovery. SensiumVitals is targeted at the general wards of hospitals, which account for the vast majority of hospital beds, unlike traditional, bulky, wired monitoring products, which are usually only found in hospital intensive care units.

SensiumVitals also provides hospitals with significant cost-savings as continuous monitoring can reduce the number of patients who have to be admitted or readmitted to costly intensive care, as any deterioration in condition can be alerted and dealt with immediately.

In the U.S. alone, wireless vital signs monitoring devices are forecast to reduce healthcare costs by around $200 billion over the next 25 years, according to the Center for Technology and Aging Report, May 2010.

The pilot is being carried out at St. John’s Health Centre in Santa Monica, CA, by Toumaz US, the group’s US joint venture with Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong’s company, NantWorks.

“This pilot is a major milestone for the group as we start to commercialise our low cost, ultra-low power wireless technologies for use in the medical markets,” said Anthony Sethill, CEO of Toumaz. “This disruptive wireless monitoring technology is the world’s first FDA cleared and fully disposable vital signs monitoring solution for general use in hospitals. SensiumVitals represents a breakthrough in how patient care is delivered, setting a new, cost effective standard for hospitals and also benefitting patients’ recovery.

“Early feedback from patients and hospital staff has been very positive with the device detecting deterioration in patients’ conditions instantaneously, enabling intervention much sooner than normal,” Sethill added.

"At NantWorks, we believe continuous patient monitoring in the hospital will one day be standard practice and this will be enabled by foundational technology like SensiumVitals, delivered by Toumaz US,” Michael Trevino, CTO of NantHealth, a NantWorks company, noted. “Continuously streamed patient data automatically flowing into hospital information systems will drive the right care at the right time and in the right place."


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