Celanese Launches Nine New Conductive Inks


Micromax Conductive Inks developed the PE800 series of products for consumer electronic applications.

Celanese Corporation Micromax Conductive Inks announced the launch of nine new product grades for the printed electronics market at the IPC APEX EPXO. The products will be featured during short PowerTalks hosted at the Insulectro/ Celanese Micromax Conductive Inks booth.

In response to increasing industry demand for more flexible yet robust conductive inks, Micromax Conductive Inks developed the PE800 series of products for consumer electronic applications such as touch sensors, busbars and EMI shielding. Additionally, the new HT series is formulated to meet customer needs for electronic inks in high temperature applications.

“Based on feedback from customers and market research, our team developed these new product grades to meet the current challenges in printed electronics,” said Fallyn Flaherty-Earp, global marketing leader, Celanese, Micromax Conductive Inks. “Our customers are requesting products that offer more design and manufacturing flexibility for their demanding consumer electronic applications. Our products deliver the same high-quality material they have come to expect from Micromax Conductive Inks, and can meet new specifications for low temperature cure, dispensability, fine resolutions and improved chemical resistance.”

Celanese Micromax Conductive Inks – formally DuPont Microcircuit and Component Materials (MCM) -- has been collaborating and developing electronic inks for the printed electronics industry for more than 60 years. On Nov.1, 2022, the Micromax Conductive Inks team officially became part of the Celanese family with the acquisition of the Mobility and Materials portfolio from DuPont.