Pvilion Launches UNI-SOLAR Powered Solar Sail Charging Station

Posted on April 2, 2012 @ 03:48 pm

United Solar, the global manufacturer of UNI-SOLARlightweight, flexible solar products and a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices, Inc., announced the first Solar Sail electric car charging station constructed by Pvilion using UNI-SOLAR photovoltaic (PV) laminates.

The Solar Sail electric car charging station is located in Pflugerville, TX, near Austin, at the entrance to Pflugerville's Renewable Energy Park. The sail was designed and constructed by a New York-based company, Pvilion, which designs, builds and installs flexible, artistic solar structures.

UNI-SOLAR's lightweight, flexible laminates are attached to stainless steel sheets that are twisted and tensioned to create the unique Solar Sail. The 1600 watt Solar Sail is south facing, with each individual UNI-SOLAR panel positioned at different angles to optimize the amount of electricity produced. That electricity produced from this Solar Sail is enough to charge two electric cars per day, and because the sail is connected to the utility grid, any unused electricity will feed back into the grid. The Solar Sail also features integrated LED RGB lighting, making it even more aesthetically pleasing.

"Pvilion's Solar Sail provides electric car manufacturers and charging station companies with a visual landmark attraction - the WOW factor - that has been missing," said Todd Dalland, co-founder and president of Pvilion. "It promotes clean energy with enhanced design, solar panel technology and owner experience; a true game changer in the marketing of electric cars and solar panels."

"By seamlessly integrating our UNI-SOLAR laminates into their unique design, Pvilion was able to create the first photovoltaic electric charging station of its kind," said Ed Sosnowski, United Solar's project manager for Open Solar. "Pvilion is changing the way people view solar panels with its ability to design and build attractive, flexible solar powered products."


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