PragmatIC Imprinted Planar Nano-Devices Included in Focus of Holst Centre Program

Posted on January 16, 2013 @ 01:29 pm

PragmatIC Printing Ltd. and Holst Centre announced an extension of their collaboration in the research, development and exploitation of flexible electronics.

Originally announced in July 2011, PragmatIC and Holst Centre have been working closely together on a research program relating to oxide semiconductors, transistors and circuits. This program has now been expanded with a dedicated work package on PragmatIC’s planar nano-devices.

PragmatIC’s unique, patented planar nano-device technology allows the fabrication of electronic circuits in a single layer of thin-film semiconductor, using a single-step imprint patterning (embossing). Avoiding the multi-layer structures required for conventional thin-film transistors dramatically simplifies manufacturing as well as eliminating the need to register successive material or process steps on a flexible plastic substrate.

This enables devices that are several orders of magnitude smaller than other approaches to printed electronics, resulting in extremely compact circuit footprint, improved operating performance, and ultra-low cost.

Under the new work package, PragmatIC and Holst Centre will jointly develop qualified processes and materials, making the technology readily accessible to Holst Centre program partners and other PragmatIC licensees. The collaboration will also extend existing joint research activities in materials, processes and circuit design, which have already provided invaluable support for PragmatIC’s rapid technology commercialization.

“This broadening of our technical program allows us to apply our significant expertise in printed electronics materials and processes to a unique and game-changing technology approach,” said Gerwin Gelinck, program manager at Holst Centre.

“We expect our continued collaboration with Holst Centre to further enhance the strong technical knowledge base supporting high volume commercial manufacture of our imprinted logic circuits,” Scott White, CEO of PragmatIC Printing Ltd., added.


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