Kodak Demonstrates Power of New Transparent Conductive Films with Multi-Touch Technology

Posted on February 7, 2013 @ 02:22 pm

The Commercial Films Group of Eastman Kodak, together with Heraeus Conductive Polymers, GSI Technologies and Azoteq – a world leader in capacitive proximity solutions – have announced breakthrough capacitive touch screen technology that incorporates a new two-sided transparent conductive film and touch screen controller for use in a variety of printed electronics applications.

The Azoteq IQS550 Capacitive Touch Screen Controller is the first device capable of interfacing with PEDOT sensors, marking a change in the way touch screen displays for handsets and tablet devices are manufactured.

The transparent projected capacitive sensor used with the IQS550 is constructed with Kodak HCF-225 Film/ESTAR Base and features Clevios PEDOT:PSS conductive layers on each side of the film – to save on both thickness and cost.

The invisible patterning process utilizes Heraeus component technologies. First, GSI Technologies screen prints a resist pattern onto Kodak HCF-225 Film/ESTAR Base using Clevios SET S – a masking polymer. Clevios Etch is then used to create the non-conductive areas. After the process is completed, the masking polymer that protected the conductive pattern is removed.

For the past year, Kodak has been working with the Conductive Polymers Division of Heraeus Precious Metals GmbH & Co. KG, producer of Clevios PEDOT:PSS, and the Functional Printing Division of GSI Technologies to create technologically advanced transparent conductive films featuring completely invisible patterns.

"Azoteq selected the Kodak PEDOT film for touch screens and trackpads because it offers high transmissivity and the ability to be formed into unique sensors,” Dr. Frederick Bruwer, Azoteq CEO, said. “In addition. the patterning is completely invisible to the naked eye and can be manufactured as a two-sided sensor that significantly reduces cost.”

“The IQS550 platform represents a milestone in flexibility for Azoteq,” added Dr. Bruwer. “Azoteq will offer the IQS550 Touch Screen Controller as the first configuration with other products from the same platform coming to market shortly.”

“Kodak, in conjunction with Heraeus, has developed a unique, scaleable process by which patterned transparent conductors are easily manufactured for touch screen applications,” commented GSI Technologies’ CTO Dr. Gordon Smith. “We found the Kodak HCF-225 Film/ESTAR Base to be of very high quality and the Clevios PEDOT:PSS to print easily and offered high resolution pattern capability.”

“Printed electronics is a developing capability that will provide new possibilities for device makers like Azoteq,” said Tom Brennan, product line manager, Aerial & Industrial Markets for Kodak. “The superior flexibility and durability of the PEDOT-based films are a great example of how new technology will expand the world of printed electronics.”

“Optimized Clevios highly conductive polymers have permitted new applications in touch technologies that were unthinkable only a few years ago,” added Dr Ron Lubianez, global sales manager at Heraeus. “Now printable and patternable technology is available at an economic price.”


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