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    • Breaking News | RFID and NFC
      NXP Secures Electronic ID Cards and Passports in Ecuador

      NXP Secures Electronic ID Cards and Passports in Ecuador

      Deal includes next-generation ePassports and new advanced multi-purpose eID cards.

    • Breaking News | Displays and Lighting | Flexible and Printed Electronics | Manufacturers News | Research Institutions | Sensors and Wearables | Smart Cards and Packaging | Suppliers News

      CPEIA and SEMI | FlexTech Announce Partnership at CPES2017

      Industry associations formalize collaboration to drive continued development of PE, FHE technologies.

    • Breaking News | Research Institutions | Sensors and Wearables

      Brewer Science Showcases Enabling Sensor Technology for Smart Cities at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2017

      In partnership with ITRI, Brewer Science is exploring new realms of printed sensor performance.

    • 3D Printing | Breaking News | Research Institutions

      Imec, Cascade Microtech Develop First Automatic Probe System for Advanced 3D Chips

      Test system enables pre-bond probing of 3D chips with large-array fine-pitch micro-bumps.

    • 3D Printing | Breaking News | Manufacturing | Printing

      Optomec CEO Presents at LiveWorx Technology Conference

      Presentation establishes convergence of additive manufacturing and industrial IoT applications.

    • Displays and Lighting | Semiconductors and Quantum Dots

      Samsung Makes Significant Move into Quantum Dot Space

      Acquisition of QD Vision gives company pipeline into materials market.
      David Savastano, Editor 12.07.16

    • Displays and Lighting | Electronic Materials

      Samsung Effectively Screens New Blue OLED Emitters, but Process May Prove Wider Value Beyond OLEDs

      Rapid material screening and synthesis is critical, particularly with electronic materials.
      Tony Sun and Anthony Schiavo, Lux Research 09.07.16

    • Breaking News | Displays and Lighting | Personnel | Touch Screens

      3M Announces New Leadership Appointments

      Dr. Michael G. Vale, Dr. Joaquin Delgado both named EVP.

    • Breaking News | Displays and Lighting | Semiconductors and Quantum Dots

      QD Vision Dismisses Nanosys’ Lawsuit as Meritless

      Says it is an attempt to slow down the company’s legitimate progress with an improper lawsuit.

    • Breaking News | Displays and Lighting | Research Institutions | Semiconductors and Quantum Dots

      Nanosys Files Lawsuit Against QD Vision

      Suing for patent infringement upon Nanosys’s photoluminescent quantum dot materials for light production and related methods.

    • Breaking News | Photovoltaics | Research Institutions

      NREL’s Capabilities Boost a Wide Range of Innovative ARPA-E Research

      NREL’s ARPA-E funded projects range from solar cell to wind turbine innovation.

    • Breaking News | Graphene, Perovskites and Carbon Nanotubes | Research Institutions

      NIST Group Maps Distribution of Carbon Nanotubes in Composite Materials

      More intersections improve material’s electrical and thermal conductivity.